Liberace’s Costumes

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A couple of clips of Liberace’s costumes from the 1970’s – 1986. Clips taken from The World Of Liberace and showmanlee.


mobrules29 says:

I saw him at a theatre-in-round – actually in a tent – in Western New York in the early 70’s. These video clips take me right back to his shows…the most electrifying I’ve ever seen. That guy could entertain and man could he play the piano. But with all that fame and fortune, he still seemed like one of the kindest, gentlest and most modest human beings I’ve ever seen.

Maggie Butler says:

I was Liberace for a Halloween party, most fun I ever had. As a young, 14 year old pianist, Liberace inspires me to practice more, and to be kind to people. I’m the only person my age that I know who appreciates his music.

keyboardmagic says:

No,as I mentioned previously it was filmed at the Warwick Theatre in RI and not Caesars Palace in LV. If you look closely, notice that it’s a theatre-in-the-round. This is also a segment from his video, “The World of Liberace”, (circa. 1972). The last part of the video however, is taken from his 1985 Radio City Music Hall show in NYC; and that brief part where he removes his jacket & speaks about the weight, was taken backstage in RI as well….

George Monks says:

I know he did perform at the Warwick Musical Theater, it says so on Wikipedia, but I always thought this was at Caesars Palace?

George Monks says:

Wasn’t this filmed at Caesars Palace?

George Monks says:

Yes he was a very nice man. Legendary and Mr Showmanship.

keyboardmagic says:

This first part of this video was filmed in Rhode Island at the Warwick Musical Theatre. I was actually there the evening this was filmed in the early 1970’s. Such great memories of the one of the greatest entertainers of the 20th century — LIBERACE!

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